CIT Upholds List 3 and 4 Section 301 Tariffs

On Friday March 17 the United States Court of International Trade upheld the List 3 and List 4 tariffs imposed on Chines imports. More than 3600 Importers brought litigation challenging the United States Trade Representatives (“USTR”) statutory authority to impose these tariffs. Duties on certain Chinese imports were first imposed by the USTR  in 2018 at the direction of the President. The imports subject to duties were subsequently expanded to include three more lists. In 2020, the more than 3600 plaintiffs brought litigation alleging that the USTR’s imposition of duties on more than 10,000 products on Lists 3 and 4 were unlawful.

The Court sustained the Final List 3 and 4 production subject to section 301 duties following the Court’s earlier decision sustaining the USTR’s authority to impose the tariffs.

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Delay of Section 232 Aluminum Smelt and Cast Reporting Requirements

The new reporting requirements for reporting the countries of smelt and cast for imports of aluminum and aluminum derivative products effective April 10, 2023 have been delayed thirty days until May 10, 2023. Please see the attached notice for more information. Contact our office if you have any questions.

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